What is a Fertilizer Calculator?

To get the right amount of you fertilizers from your plant requirement and change them as your plant grow and prepare stock solution needs lots of calculations, Fertilizers calculator is the easy and fast available solution to understand your soil and hydroponic culture.

It's a multipurpose and multidimensional app, Fertilizers calculator works on a well-thought process to help Growers, agronomists, consultants. So that they can get the precise amount of nutrients for their crops from the available fertilizers, they can plan the usage accordingly. The app saves time and reduces your efforts by doing all the calculations for you. It works efficiently irrespective of whether you're growing through hydroponics or soil.

By subscribing to this app with price less than any single fertilizer bag, you save a lot of money by applying the write amount of fertilizers, and by giving the right amount of fertilizer you will get a good yield.

How does it work?

There is no rocket science. The process is simple and convenient to be used by every grower without any in-depth knowledge of the technicalities.

● Choose the method of fertilization (hydroponics or regular soil methods)
● Enter the crop nutrient requirement.
● Once you do that, there will be a default list of recommended fertilizers in the app. However, no need to worry. If you got your recommendation by oxide form like, P2O5, K2O, MgO, CaO, you can convert them to the pure nutrients by changing the icon to be the oxidation form and then you put your numbers, then change the icon to be pure nutrients to get your results for pure nutrients as the application works only for pure nutrients.
● You can customize and choose from available options which is cost-effective to you, and you can mix as per what percentage you want, with the help of adjustment bottom.
● While you're making the adjustments, the result will be shown side by side through an interactive process, further making it easier for you and saving your time.
● In the end, the app will show you the available percentage of nutrients at various level of mixes, and you can choose the one that optimizes the output for you.
● Once you are done with the entire process, you will get a precise report and summary of your solution stock tanks.

Farm Owners

You got the plant nutrient requirements in ( gm/ ha/ day) from universities or research stations and you want to apply them in your farm through available fertilizers and preparing stock solutions.

Hydroponic Farm

You got the nutrients requirement in ppm from a universities or research stations and you want to prepare stock solutions.


If you are consultant or agricultural advisor and you have a lot of clients and you need way to do fertilizers calculations for all sorts of farms, and clients.

Nutrient Recommenders

You can apply to system and you will get the results, and you can just contact us for your crop nutrient requirements.

Economical Choice

Fertilizers calculator is an effective and economy way as it allows you to pay only when you are using it. Various Subscription options are available for you. You can avail them as per your convenience.

Precise Calculation

The App gives you the exact amount of fertilizer you should use in your farm, helping you achieve the most optimum output possible. The chances of loss owing to human errors reduce.

Works with Every Crop

You can decide the amount of nutrients which your crop will need regardless of what fertilizing method you use. Whether you do farming with simple techniques, or you are into something as complicated as advanced hydroponics, the app will not let you down.

Get Organized

When you have your seasonal plan ahead of time, you can have a system of ordering more fertilizer accordingly. It will help you be consistent with your time as well as the yield of your farm. Your productivity and efficiency will also enhance. Also, you will get an idea that how much budget you'll need for the entire period, you can arrange for funds accordingly.

Complete Customization

Although the App suggests a few recommended fertilizers by default, you can change that and adjust the calculation according to what is best for you.

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What does Fertilizer Calculator do?

Nothing sort of a complicated mechanism, we just make the growers' work easy. The app does the calculations which will enable you to make the most of your available resources in an organized manner and increase your land's yield. Try the app now.

Do you sell Fertilizers?

We do not sell fertilizers! We have some recommendations for sure, but our main motto is to help Growers optimize their yield, irrespective of which fertilizer they use.

Will I be able to understand the results?

The results are in a very layman approach. You do not need to be an expert to understand them and implement the necessary changes in your methods accordingly.

How often will I need to use the app?

It completely depends upon how big your business is. You can do a month's calculation at once, or you can plan your daily rates. It is entirely up to you and your convenience.

What if I face an issue understanding the results?

Although the entire process is very convenient and designed, keeping in mind the layman approach, it can be difficult at times to understand things. In such a scenario, you can always write to us at [email protected]. Our team will always be at your assistance.